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An Office or business can be judged by its staff, infrastructure and by its efficiency, but the first impression given by an office or business is decided only by its hygienic conditions. Coffee mug rings and other unsightly stains are always ugly to the eye.


We will devise a flexible and comprehensive cleaning schedule tailored to meet your needs and business opening times.

Our Commercial cleaning services ensure that nothing in the office gives a bad impression of your workplace.

We clean your premises from top to bottom. We also clean the windows, carpets and bathrooms. Since it’s not a one day task, we clean on a twice a month, or monthly basis.

If more people are working inside the office or premises, more extensive cleaning is needed. In such case, our clients opt for either every day or twice a week cleaning & maintenance services.


Our Commercial cleaning services are carried out carefully ensuring that no damage is made to the property, furniture and fixtures.

When you are looking for professional commercial cleaners, you can be assured that Grand Clean provides a complete and dependable commercial cleaning service.

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